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Monday, February 26, 2007


I'm not sure where I thought I would live when I grew up. I certainly didn't picture this. I have, admittedly, always liked the kind of home where people feel comfortable dropping by. This is that home.

In the past I have been known to drop to the floor and hide when people came by if the house wasn't clean or if I hadn't showered or whatever. I do not have that opportunity here because a) they can see me on the floor and b) my husband is likely to let them in while I am hiding. Having a window in the front door is not always that handy. Like yesterday when my 4 year old and I were dancing in the hall (I was teaching her to fling her hair - we were listening to Fat Boy Slim). We were busted by a musician, coming to record a cover of "Because". These things happen.

Our home has a sort of handmade quality to it. Not necessarily in a good way. Not all bad, either. For example, our floors are wide antique pine. Beautiful, but you could lose a ping pong ball down some of the cracks. We have a lot of vision and not so much of an attention span. We are distracted by shiny objects, phone calls and snack time.

Mmm, snack time....

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Stella Sparrow said...

A house is a house and a home is a home, sounds like you actually have the home you have always wanted. As for the dropping by thing, seems to me you have made it pretty welcoming. Wasn't it just yesterday I started stopping to see that precious little girl (who now has a dressup partner !!) and now we're going on four years. Enjoy the moments with the family (extended included) because there will be plenty of time to look back at a clean house , orderly laundry, well thought out meals sectioned off. The real joy is exactly what you are doing raising two wonderful kids.
And even if our husbands procrastinate at the drop of a hat they will always take the family for an outing.