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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Miss Rogers

There is a big excavation pit on the main road going through town. Soon to be more condos. I wish I had taken a picture of the flower shop and green house that used to be there.

The first winter I lived here, I was given a very large plant from that flower shop. It wouldn't have survived in my cottage (nor would it fit - my cottage was literally a renovated garden shed), so I took it back to the flower shop and asked to exchange it for something less likely to die on arrival. They gave me a gigantic credit, which I used over the next two years. Whenever I felt like I needed to buy myself a little something I'd drop by the flower shop and get a plant - an ornamental pepper (the cats only ate them once), a fig tree, a Norfolk pine..... I also took flowers to everyone who invited me over. I have never been so gracious as when I had that credit.

I have seen painters set up easels across the street from the flower shop, with its buckets of color out front and steamy greenhouse to the side. A locust tree grew right through the roof of the greenhouse while it sat empty.

The foundations have been poured and we will soon see what sorts of dwellings will replace the flower shop. We will probably all refer to them as "the condos where the flower shop used to be" for the next 20 years. People who never saw the flower shop will call it that.

There's a restaurant that's changed name and ownership a dozen times, and how you refer to it is the indicator of how long you've lived here. Even people who never went to the Fogcutter (a previous incarnation) call it "the restaurant that used to be the Fogcutter". I predate the Fogcutter. And my husband predates the restaurant that predates the Fogcutter. Phew.

Of course it does make it difficult to follow directions if you're not from here. The building where the barbeque place used to be is up for rent again. It's across the street from where the coffee shop used to be.

Some friends of ours moved to a town near here. They wanted to go to the Cranberry Festival parade so they checked the paper for the time and parade route. They found the time and discovered that the parade would "follow the same route as last year".

We are nothing if not helpful.

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