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Thursday, March 22, 2007


Since it is officially spring, I suppose it is time to delve into my shelf of gardening books and discover what I am already too late for. Our little (much maligned) vegetable garden is cold and brown and looking very unlikely these days. The fence blew down over the winter. I'm not sure which winter. The last living thing - rosemary - finally succumbed and is a monument of deadness in the middle of everything.

The rosemary was doing fine a couple months ago so I snipped some off for Lucy when she was making focaccia. I think that was probably the culprit - its soul slipped out of the fresh snipping. I'm sure it's in one of these gardening books (the information, not the soul).

I know the first thing to do is pull the fence out, put everything in the middle of the garden and burn the whole thing to the ground. That's what people do around here. Burn things. At the first hint of spring the fire department starts doling out burn permits. And then the next thing you know there are these heaps of burning leaves and branches and what-not. I don't know where all the what-not comes from, since we did the same thing in the fall and left not one single twig. The birds have to migrate due to a lack of building materials. But my knowledge of things aviary will have to wait for another post.

This one is strictly botanical.

So I will burn the garden and it will be time for a new fence. Contrary to the predictions of our neighborhood, our garden has been relatively unmolested by local wildlife. This is fairly surprising since it has been guarded by nothing more than bits of crumpled fencing and some very sturdy daylilies. The only possible explanation is that it doesn't look like a garden. Not even to a rabbit.

Once the fence is up I will make little tufts of dirt and put some seeds in. I will wait a few weeks and go to the nursery to buy small plant versions of the seeds that didn't come up. If things go desperately wrong, there's a farmers market down the street and who will be the wiser?

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