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Friday, April 27, 2007


No blog about Trout Towers would be complete without mention of Jessica.

Last year my husband gave me a vacuum for my birthday. Yes, under normal circumstances anyone who gives his wife a vacuum for her birthday does not live through the day and no jury convicts. However, this is not your average vacuum. It is a robot.

Lucy named it Jessica, after her best friend's little sister. Who doesn't secretly wish their best friend's little sister would come clean their house? It is Lucy who uses it the most. I barely touch the thing - unless I'm showing it off at parties.

The kids (and I include my husband in this) love it so much they scurry around the house picking up so they can run it. This is part of the gift - not only do I not have to vacuum anymore, I don't have to pick up all those Legos.

So I have more time to sit on the couch and blog, while the Lovely Jessica cleans my house.

Hey, you missed a Cheerio.

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