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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sunflowers on Vacation

Although I implicitly trust our house-sitter with the care of our cat and my mother-in-law, I had to draw the line at the sunflowers.

After spending 2 weeks waiting for them to appear, I was not about to leave them at home to wither in my absence. They need to be watered every morning. They are used to having their tea-infuser baths. In short, they need me.

So they came on vacation with us. We had a few close calls in the car and lost a bit of dirt but arrived intact. We've even had two more sprouts appear to join the party.

They especially enjoyed their trip over the George Washington Bridge.

And here they are at the Hirshhorn sculpture garden, in DC on the National Mall.

Today I spent the day looking around and wondering how to look less like a tourist. The first step would be to remember to take the "TOURIST" sticker off our t-shirts after leaving the Capital. But then there was some fine tuning I thought of.

Sadly, I didn't bring a navy suit or anything else tailored or ironed. So next time I will pack something more business-like. I can still wear my comfortable shoes as most everyone has sneakers on for the commute. I need a laminated I.D. card to hang around my neck. Really, I could dress just like I am but add that I.D. card and be pretty good. Perhaps I will put a photo on my library card and laminate it.

Of course, walking around with a tray of sprouting sunflowers may be something of a give-away.

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Alexandra Grabbe said...

Hi! I just found your blog at surfwellfleet.com and look forward to reading more when I have more time. I loved the idea of your having taken your sunflower seedlings on vacation! I know how precious they are. I live in Wellfleet and the birds managed to destroy all of mine this year.