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Monday, May 28, 2007

and Panoramas

I was toodling around town at 9am and noticed several people sitting in beach chairs on the side of the road. There were clusters of people, strewn down the street. There was also a motorcycle policeman in the center of town, ready to .... I honestly don't know what he was ready for. And then I remembered our epic Memorial Day Parade.

I busied myself until 10 sharp, when the parade went by. Here it is:

That's only half of it. Exactly half. The entire parade passed by in under three minutes (I timed it). And there were little kids with fifes and drums and short legs, so they weren't moving all that fast. Even I can Memorialize for that long. It was a Memorial Day celebration for people with an inability to concentrate.

It probably tied up traffic for an hour and a half.

I stopped by the coffee shop on my way home and was astounded by the line. I felt a little guilty waiting, because Chris was home with the kids, but I had hit him up for coffee money and I wasn't going to give it back. So I got in line. And then I remembered the secret Coffee Only counter, where they also sell chocolate lobsters. I passed up the chocolate lobsters (white, dark and milk), got my cup, filled my cup and was out of there faster than (you guessed it) a Memorial Day parade.

This particular coffee shop also sells sugar plums and peppermint pigs at Christmas. And one Easter, before we were married, Chris got me a life-size chocolate bunny from there. I had to smash it to pieces with a hammer because I couldn't gnaw off more than the tip of the ears unaided. He doesn't buy me those bunnies anymore.

And since I have now made this connection, I realize that Weber grills are to Memorial Day what PAAS Easter egg dye is to Easter. And there will probably come a day when no one has any idea about either holiday unless they google it.

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