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Thursday, May 31, 2007

biological anomalies

Obviously, the rhododendrons have bloomed. They are probably 15 feet tall and silly with blossoms. They are everywhere you look.

Then when I picked up Lucy from school I noticed a piece of cardboard covered with small, colorful sculptures. I recognized a small blue elephant, a duck, a rabbit, some flowers - all painted in shimmery pastels and just as cute as the day is long. When the teacher opened the door, she said, "now Lucy, I'm going to hand this to Mommy because it's very delicate. You can tell her all about it." This is the one we got:

And she did indeed tell me about it. Everything about it, in fact, except what it was. Finally she disclosed that Imogen had made a turtle and so she made one too. It is a turtle then.

When we drove up to the house Chris was already home so Lucy scampered ahead with her turtle. I dive for my cell phone and call in an advance warning.

(ring ring)

Chris: Hello my current wife
Me: It's a turtle
c: what?
m: trust me, you'll understand in a second
c: you DID NOT just buy Lucy a pet turtle.

What sort of reputation have I gotten myself around here? I am hoping it's a Lord Have Mercy What Will She Do Next reputation. I have always wanted one of those. I might have to buy Lucy a pet turtle now.

Also on today's list of things worth noticing - a median planted with perennials and little trivia signs sprinkled throughout. One of the signs said that scallops have 35 blue eyes. Or at least I think that's what it said (I was driving, after all). So I googled "scallops blue eyes" just to be sure I wasn't making stuff up and I found this.

I am linking to it instead of adding the image here because it's, well, a little creepy. Lucy used to have nightmares that there were lobsters in her bed. I might have scallop nightmares.

But it was a nice median.

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