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Friday, May 4, 2007

The blind leading the trowel-leading-blind

So the woman who comes once a week to help my mother-in-law around the house told her that she thought our garden looked beautiful. This concerns me greatly as it implies she is, in fact, as blind as my mother-in-law and where on earth does that leave us? Either that or she's channeling a past life or she has a very, very vivid imagination.

Because it's pretty much just dirt.

I mean, I've put some stakes in for the snap peas to climb on. And two of the beds are heaped up in lovely concentric rows (see post re: weird MacGyver-y husband) but really, it's pretty much just dirt.

And that better change soon - specifically in the addition of a lovely, tall fence. Because the peas, oh yes the peas we've all been waiting for, have arrived. They are about 1/4" tall and multiplying probably as I type. I planted hundreds of them. There are also some very fine specks of green which represent, one hopes, mesclun mix. And this all means that the rabbits are Just Waiting for their moment, since we are still without a fence.

But we did make contact with a trained professional who can allegedly build a stone retaining wall so our garden will stop sliding into the street.

He has not returned our calls, which can only mean one thing, although I do not know what that one thing is.

So I'll just go ahead and put in the spinach because I am obviously on a roll and nothing can stop me now. If anyone asks, I'll tell them about the nitrates. "Yep, those nitrates make all the difference." I have no idea what nitrates are. I heard that if I plant winter rye when everything else has pretty much frozen solid in the garden that it will magically restore the soil over the winter. It seems like an earthy, gardeny thing to do, so I'm all over it.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to subscribe to Mother Earth News.

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