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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wax on, wax off

1 Oyster knife, to open fresh fresh fresh oysters brought to us by dinner guest. We must really live here now.
12 whole wheat cranberry pecan rolls from Pain D'Avignon, a bakery (mostly bread) that smells so delicious you absolutely have to sit down and eat something right there. They have good coffee, too.
2 more baby chicks, so now we have Christina, Madame Cezanne, Jane Avril, Whistler's Mother and St. Theresa in Ecstasy. It's getting crowded.

1 toy boat, flushed down the toilet by Studley

soba noodles (tossed with fish sauce, lemon juice and olive oil) with smoked salmon, tomatoes and micro greens - from the Chinese and Asian cookbook sitting on the chicken box. I was so proud I photographed it:

I know, that's just plain weird. But it was really pretty.....

And then I chopped it all up, tossed it a bit and scooped it into bowls. Lucy, who is even more pretentious than I am at times, ate hers with chopsticks. The serving bowl, by the way, is made by Thea Tenenbaum. She is the potter I refer to in my "and the point would be" section. I first met her when I worked at the Boulder Arts and Crafts Cooperative. I am partial to her birds - especially the pasta plates. We use them nearly every day, as almost everything we eat fits best in a bowl-like plate (or plate-like bowl).

We're sort of Amish-ish when it comes to TV around here, but while I was typing I caught a glimpse of a PBS program called Craft in America. It was about, of all things, handmade pottery. Incredibly beautiful footage of a villa with tiled walls and lines of flower pots like one would find in Spain (only I think it was in New Mexico). Now making plans to turn gray shingled New England exterior into terracotta encrusted Mediterranean show piece.

We have no Asian market near here, but I have finally found 100% buckwheat soba noodles (no small feat when you live 36 miles out to sea) at Cape Cod Natural Foods. Although they have a great selection of things we like to eat, the atmosphere is disconcertingly similar to Barnstable Feed and Supply, where I have been spending a good bit of time lately. I suppose it's kind of the same thing, when you get right down to it.

I am not sure they have a sense of humor at Barnstable Feed and Supply. I can't help but feel like we get the "here come the people who have Absolutely No Clue" eyebrow when we walk in. They would be right, of course. But still. I think we may have gained some street cred since our first 3 chicks are miraculously still alive.

But only because I've been in the mood for noodle salads.

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