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Thursday, May 24, 2007

A few of my favorite things

Large, healthy strawberry plants--many with flowers already-- Please come by and dig as many as you'd like! I have a bunch at my house on a hill (separate from my other garden exploits), and they do produce sweet little berries! Please come during the day in Woods Hole so I can show you to the correct plot...

Reasons why I was all hot and bothered about this Freecycle post yesterday:
1) I have been wanting to get some strawberry plants
2) Garden exploits? I must know more. And take camera
3) Woods Hole?!?!?! I am so there.

We love Woods Hole. The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) is there (acronym pronounced "hooey"). The Marine Biological Laboratories (MBL) are there. It is surrounded by water and boats and we feel like we are instantly on vacation every time we drive into town. I do not know a single person who lives there. I am sure that will change because surely the Strawberry Lady is willing to be my new best friend? I am due a drive there, so I go ahead and launch a field trip.

A friend calls me just as I arrive in town. I am waiting for the Strawberry Lady to call me, so I answer instantly. Due to all those pedestrians, I pull over to chat.

So I'm sitting in my car, across from a coffee shop and watching the local life. MBL & WHOI are somehow connected to MIT, and probably a bunch of the rest of it is too. It's this little harbor town with really smart people walking around and a definite college feel to it. Rumpled, professorial types ride up to the coffee shop on their single speed bicycles, newspaper tucked under one arm. People greet each other on the sidewalk. I want to be one of those people. I want to know some of the people who live in this town, who frequent this coffee shop and cruise in on a Schwinn, I want to do every single thing advertised on their community bulletin board.

I find a proper parking spot and go for a walk, over the drawbridge and through town. View from drawbridge:

I was planning to have breakfast at Fishmonger's Cafe but it is still too early in the season. Sadly, there is nothing that folds in my wallet and I am too embarrassed to ask the nice people at Pie in the Sky if they take credit cards. Probably just as well, since I don't really need to eat any meals at a bakery.

And still no phone call from the Strawberry Lady.

I do what any neophyte gardener does. I give up.

And on my way out of town I see a sign that says "Flying Pig Pottery - Open" so I hit the brakes and drive into what appears to be someone's personal driveway. But no, there are pottery signs and arrows leading me behind the house (sort of like a Far Side cartoon, really) where, lo and behold, is someone's pottery studio. She's set up shelves at one end with pottery displays and a bowl to put your checks in (please include 5% sales tax). I have only seen our friend Pam Black do this, but perhaps it is the next big thing among the potting community. Pam says she's never had any trouble and the bowl is slightly more helpful and courteous than some salespeople I've encountered. It's just like a country vegetable stand, but with no vegetables.

I can't decide between a bowl for me or a mug for Bella, so I leave. And I don't have to explain anything to anyone.

Maybe I'll get that phone call tonight and I'll get to go back tomorrow. What's another $12 worth of gas when free strawberry plants are on the line?

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