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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Flo, Midge & Eleanor

I frequent the ballet, symphony and opera. I like literary magazines, alternative music and sushi. I speak 3 languages, have made Napoleans from scratch and played the violin (all badly, but still).

And I have chickens.

Yes, chickens! I am so excited I can barely stand myself! First of all, they're cute and fluffy and seem to like me, secondly, they'll make this whole place make sense. People will drive up and say "what the..... oh! they have chickens!"

Besides, they'll cut my grocery bill in, like, HALF.

When we first thought about getting chickens we were concerned about the small matter of coyotes across the street. A huge, thriving, colony of coyotes. But we are building Chicken Run, a luxury compound with gated entrance and enhanced security features. We are quite sure they will be safe, although I may put one of our old baby monitors out there. And Chris is working on surveillance. Actually, they are already rigged with Chicken Cam and a microphone. This is Trout Towers, after all. They are in a cardboard box, but they have all the finest hi-tech documenting devices.

Chris picked them up yesterday. When I asked him what kinds they were he said "I don't know, they're chickens." He did remember something about colored eggs. So I asked if one of them was an Americana. He didn't know, but Lucy says yes. She was there and she remembers everything. Not always a good thing.

Are you impresed that I know about Americanas?

We didn't really care what kind we got, as long as they were capable of laying eggs.

We had hoped to get them from an elementary school class that was hatching chickens. We liked the idea of them coming from an academic environment. However, someone must have turned the incubator off at night to conserve energy, or maybe it was the cafeteria food, but either way, they didn't make it. And the baby chicks that will be put in the incubator as decoys to avoid heartbreak will have to be returned to their rightful homes when the squealing subsides.

So brace yourself for some posts that read "they are all sleeping in their food bowl. They are SO cute." and "I think they are even cuter today than they were yesterday." Whole, long, rambling chicken posts.

And we will keep them on leashes when we take them for walks. Hey, in this neighborhood, no one would blink.


Fred said...

Is chicken cam available to the web, or is it accessible only from Trout Towers?

Susan said...

Well hello, Fred!
Chicken cam is not available to the web due to Chris' habit of chasing the rest of us around with it. It's unnerving. Perhaps when we move them outside....
They are, incidentally, slightly cuter than they were this morning.