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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Greetings from Documentaryville

I have been hungry for Asian food lately. It's possibly because I am using my Chinese and Asian Cookbook to weigh down the anti-cat barrier on top of the chicken's box. I am also using a dictionary - they are the two biggest books I own. They are either making my chickens really smart or really afraid. They don't seem very smart, so I don't think they're paying much attention to the dictionary. So not-smart, in fact, that they seem unphased by the cookbook.

Lucky for them I'm not in the mood for Tamarind Chicken (we really just got them for aesthetics* and fresh eggs, so they'll be safe for awhile). Now that it's hot out, I'm all about noodle salads, fresh spring rolls and spicy slaw. Which is good, because I'm pretty sure none of those things are nearly as bad for me as what I just ate.

Liz and I have a tradition and we're not afraid to wield it. In the summer we get together regularly and go to our favorite place for fried summer food. Sometimes we go for sundaes or frappes (you don't know what a frappe is? You are not from here, are you?).

We've had assorted people join us on these forays. We started the tradition in the Summer of My Engagement. Since then, I had a baby, she got married, we've adopted some new friends, and I had another baby.

We need a bigger table now.

So on our way there this evening, I pass a beach parking lot and notice a huge tent and a satellite dish. Hmmm, I think. I pick up a friend who lives down the road and ask her about it - since I am too lazy or introverted or whatever to find out myself. She tells me they are filming... a documentary!

Now what is it about documentaries around here? In Friday night's post I requested that there be more documentaries on events that I attend, and that was Not My Beach. Maybe they are filming it at that beach in lieu of My Beach - like filming in New Zealand instead of on location in The Shire.

We have a friend who is a documentarian. Spell check doesn't seem to think that's a word, but she is one so it must be. Her movies make us cry but we still like her. Perhaps she'll know about the latest film crew. I'd ask her, but she's probably filming.

In the Shire.

*yes, a garden gnome would have been easier. And smarter. But Sissy, Buffy and Mrs. Beasley make nicer chirping sounds when they are falling asleep. And they still seem to like me.

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