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Saturday, May 19, 2007

space between the branches

I find things in the strangest places.

Today I found my salad servers on top of the juice glasses. I have found my mascara in the lego box. I sometimes recover shoes from the kitchen waste basket. Anything over 4 feet off the ground I blame on Chris, but generally Studley's* the culprit.

I think it's safe to say that Chris put (and left) the cup in the tree.

Tonight I have spent entirely too much time finding things. I have tackled, and conquered, the Hand Me Down Clothing Issue. It took me two hours, which is nothing considering that I have been stepping around 4 shopping bags full of kid's clothing for the last 6 months. I figured no one would notice it if it was on my side of the bed. And no one did. Including me.

I think there's a line in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy about ridiculous messes becoming invisible over time. It's true.

My latest thing is Freecycle. Surely you know of this godsend? It's freecycle.org, and it's where you post stuff you're sick of stepping over so that someone else can have it and step over it. And once you post it you can indeed play favorites and give it to the most delightful person who emails you.

Sometimes I forget that I have stuff, so I frequently skim the "wanted" listings. I feel a little like Mary Poppins when I do this. You say you want rollerblades? I duck into my closet and emerge, wheezing and covered in dust, with rollerblades in hand. Who knew those were in there?

I figure if I weed out a bit more it increases the likelihood of things ending back in or near where they belong. Although I'm not sure who I'm kidding. At the very least, it means I can get up in the morning without being greeted by a symbol of all the things I have not yet gotten to.

And that's pretty great.

*Studley Dooright is not his given name and therefore one less thing for him to sue us over later.

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