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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Make way for goslings

Today there was a june bug, legs flailing in the air, on my porch. It is hard to believe in evolution when such a thing as a june bug exists. Something which announces the coming summer by bashing itself repeatedly against ceiling, wall, wall, ceiling, floor, only to wind up on its back, flailing.

I should have fed it to the chickens.

Here they are:

We think Marsha (center, rear) had a fake ID, because she is obviously a week or two ahead of Cindy and Jan. She even has tail feathers. Cindy and Jan are just starting to get their tail feathers, which makes it look like they sat in something.

I mostly put the picture of the chickens in so I could label this as a chicken post - I was a little low on chicken posts. I added labels so you can go through and follow my steps to a perfect garden, vicariously tour my friends' homes, or whatever. I was in a tidying mood today.

I might need to add a Farmyard Animals label, as these marched through our yard this morning:

Lucy kept saying "mommy mommy look what's out the window!" and I thought Studley had tossed another toy out so I kind of ignored her. And then I looked, just to be polite. I noticed that we had left our picnic blanket out there (yes, we had a picnic lunch in the yard. We were very picturesque) and then I saw the geese. For a second I thought they were coming for the chickens. And then I thought oh for heaven sakes, next we'll have sheep. Things happen like that around here. I'm telling you, Green Acres.

Fortunately they ignored the garden, which has not so many signs of life and even fewer signs of a fence. The guy who's building our wall is in Italy at a wedding.

We can say he came from Italy to build our garden wall. Sweet.

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