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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Neighborhood

I just took a walk around our neighborhood.

I walked past the music teacher's house. I walked past the house where I am sure the orchid grower from Twin Peaks lives. I rounded the corner and came to the commercial fisherman's house.

I like having a commercial fisherman on our street, with his boat, buoys and big commercial-ly looking things. It gives me the sense that this may be a movie set and I am indeed living in Mayberry-by-the-Sea. I am also glad that he is not in some other business, like solid waste treatment or tire burning. I am sure that tire burning is a business, somewhere. We used to have a lobster fisherman here, too. Once we came home and found lobsters in our produce drawer. We think he put them there, although I suppose they could have gotten lost and were hungry for carrots. We liked looking out on his lobster traps, especially in the winter when they'd be covered in fresh snow and looking like some sort of New England Christmas card.

And then there's our house. We have 3 drivers living here, and 6 vehicles. We are exactly the sort of house that makes my mother's eyebrows meet her hairline. I grew up believing that each driver had no more than one vehicle. If you needed a truck, that's what you drove. If you were partial to golf carts then you jolly well better be willing to drive it to the dump with your old boxspring tied to the top.

We like our small, fuel efficient cars. But we have a smattering of other, project-specific, vehicles. And there is now a car out front that doesn't run at all. This is not our fault but we don't exactly have a right to raise our own self-righteous brows and ask it to move along.

I nearly joined the party and added yet one more vehicle to the flock. I decided it was high time to get my own beach cruiser, so I could take my family to the outer beach. I looked around for one briefly before becoming obsessed with something else. Which I have also forgotten about. As it turns out, it is all for the best as most of the outer beach has eroded and it does not look like there will be much in the way of offroad access this summer.

But it would have made a nice greenhouse.

And all is not lost, because our dear dear dear friends (who I hope are reading this) just got a boat - complete with a bathroom - and we are looking forward to spending our summer on their boat instead of on the outer beach (where there is no bathroom).

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