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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Other People's Lives

I do not have an addictive personality. I have tried, because it does seem kind of cool to be addicted to certain things (soap operas, hockey. Probably not heroine as it's so bad for your teeth).

That said, I am addicted to someone else's blog. I read it every morning, and when she doesn't post first thing, well, I twitch a little and keep checking compulsively.

This morning she had a particularly spectacular entry, which hit so close to home I figured I should either plagiarize or link. Too lazy for the former, so here you go: Lovemonkey's Blog

It reminded me of something that happened a few years ago. My not-yet-husband, a friend and I took our beat-up catamaran into the bay and sailed to a hoity toity resort where we beached the catamaran and scampered up to the bar. We sat in the sun and had cocktails by the pool in our shorts and t-shirts while wedding guests and resort vacationers carried on around us. At one point I heard a very well dressed woman on a balcony above say of us "now that's living".

Boy was she right. And the thing is, you can't buy that. I see people trying to construct their visions of how things are around here - little rose-covered cottage and all - but it always turns out more like Epcot than the real thing.

I did not marry my husband for the catamaran. Or because he gets me on the guest list for shows. But it helped.

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