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Sunday, May 13, 2007

The real meaning of Mother's Day

Lucy has been working on my Mother's Day card for weeks. She had it spread out on the coffee table and would say, "this is for you for Mother's Day. It's a surprise."

The front said
Fun Lucy
Tuo Susin

Inside there was a collage made from doilies, post-its and a couple radio station bumper stickers I had gotten from a rep. The post-its featured prescription medicine. She drew herself and an octopus and left some white areas so I could color them myself. It is about 24" x 18".

And although it is perfectly lovely, it is brunch which captured my full attention, for I am weak and fickle and as much as I love sitting at home and coloring with the kids, I am partial to going out. Especially to restaurants that have been closed all winter, waiting for the truly lucrative summer crowds.

The boards are starting to come off windows and the "Thanks for a great season! See you in the Spring!" signs are being replaced by "help wanted". Restaurants owned by friends and by friends of friends. Restaurants we've never been to but know everything about - especially the gossipy bits.

There are places that have the same chef, waitstaff and probably busboys year after year. And then there are the Free Agents, who drift. Because in other places if you have two jobs it means that you're not making it, while here, if you have only one job there is obviously something wrong with you.

So we went out to brunch to keep the economy intact. And because that's what one does on Mother's Day when your kids are too little to reach the egg poacher.

And then we napped.

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