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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

since you didn't ask

Here are some answers to questions I was hoping someone would ask, but hasn't.

First, possibly the most interesting thing I have ever typed went unnoticed. I am one degree of separation from Homer Simpson because our friends Johnny and Joey were playing in a biker bar when Homer went in looking for Marge (episode in which Marge is kidnapped by biker gang). Johnny and Joey are members of the amazing band NRBQ and, as it turns out, look fabulous in four color animation.
I am two degrees of separation from Kermit the Frog because Chris went to the apartment of Joe Rapposo when he was working with the band Andromeda. Joe Rapposo wrote "It's Not Easy Being Green". I love that song.

No, Prissy, Dixie & Quixotic have not yet been eaten by the cat.

Yes, I do bear a striking resemblance to Eva Gabor in "Green Acres".

Can Paula actually sing? Yes. It's breathtaking actually.

Did I know that the rosemary was probably not dead, only sleeping? Yes, thank you, I just found that out. Rest assured that if it wasn't dead then, it is now.

I believe this is what is referred to as a "clip show" in the biz. You know, when you don't have anything to write because you've spent way too much time sitting next to a cardboard box in your livingroom, gazing at three items of fluffiness which are still amazingly alive.

We got them for the kids.

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