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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Suddenly, we're the conventional ones

Will I ever learn to take my camera when I am invited to people's homes? Really, if people invite me over, they should just prepare to have their homes photographed and splashed all over the internet.

I knew I was in trouble when Chris said - "wow, cool tree house." It's not a tree house, it's a guesthouse with its own bridge. And a couple ladders. And probably parking. This was no relation to the treehouse I built with a piece of plywood and staples.

Chris saw the treehouse before I did because I was having screen porch envy, having just gotten over my 70's-mod-entrance envy and an-artist-obviously-lives-here livingroom envy.

This post falls into the "how did we get such an assortment of cool friends" category. She's an artist, he's a chef. He also is involved in our community radio station and they're both really into music. We finally scored an invitation to dinner. Did I mention he's a chef? I tell you, we live a truly charmed life.

Their home looks like I Dream of Genie's bottle, but with lots of additions. There are these two identical rooms off the end of another room. They're mirror versions of each other, complete with lofts. His and Hers sitting rooms? No idea. Every surface is covered with cool stuff to look at. Thank goodness they gave us the full tour because I would have had to set a trash can on fire so I could snoop. You can't have a livingroom with that many visible entryways springing off it and not let people snoop a bit. It's not fair. Besides, people can't concentrate on a thing you're saying until you've shown them around.

Just make sure you keep track of them, or they'll get themselves all moved in while you're not looking.


Love Monkey said...

I totally understand. I go to apartmenttherapy.com every day just to snoop in other people's places.

That place sounds amazing....

Susan said...

ohhhh..... Another reason to never leave the house. Thanks for the link, I am mesmerized.