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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Summer Starts and Ends Here

I am writing early so that blogging doesn't interfere with my babysitting gig. My friend Sarah is dropping off her baby so she can play a gig of her own at The Wellfleet Beachcomber.

I did not take this picture.

Do you know what this means? Yes, it means summer has officially started.

I have been going to the Comber on and off for about a gajillion years. Every once in a while the bartenders from the Comber would come to the surfer bar I mentioned earlier and I remember being a bit awestruck. It was like they had dropped in off Mount Olympus. The Comber has this mystique - a sort of Holier Than Thou beach experience. One year I had a crush on the guy who worked in the parking lot. See? Even sitting in a lawn chair and taking people's money is cool if it's the right lawn chair.

It is part nightclub, part restaurant and sits on the dunes overlooking Cahoon Hollow Beach. Now Cahoon Hollow Beach is not for the faint of heart (and it's a tough haul when you're 7 months pregnant, believe you me). You have to walk down this enormous dune to get down to the beach. So then you're all hot and lethargic and you have to climb back up, with your cooler and your umbrella and your patio set for 8.

So here's what you do - head down with a towel, a trashy book and some sunscreen. When you're hungry, thirsty, bored, whatever, you trip blithely back up the dune, unencumbered. You then pop into the Beachcomber - handily located between you and your car - and get a little something. Maybe something from the raw bar if you're into the local scene (not kidding - the shellfish guy has a key to the cooler and he stops by on his way home from the flats at the shriek of dawn). There's an outside bar, or if you need a bit of shade, an inside bar.

But wait, there's more.

Obviously, there's live music (or at least there better be, since Sarah claims she's playing there tonight). They get all kinds of people. Ween, G Love, Tom Tom Club, Buffalo Tom, Burning Spear, Frank Black, Colin Meloy. And this year (oh happy day!) They Might Be Giants. I can't wait.

So why oh why am I sitting here instead of there? Because I am a nice person. And because I forgot what day of the week it was when I said "yes of course I'll be home". Boy, does she owe me.

So YOU go. And don't forget to buy a t-shirt

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