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Monday, May 21, 2007

renovations, revisited, redux

This morning I ensured that Lucy will be accepted at the Ivy League college of her choice. I took lunch to her teachers when I went for my parent-teacher conference. I hear they've been eyeballing her lunch lately.

It's a little embarrassing how pleased I am when her lunch is coveted by her teachers. Some people want their kid to have the coolest lunch box. Others like filling it with something other than peanut butter.

Of course, Lucy loves peanut butter.

So anyway, I drop off my suitcased sized cooler at school and head off to pick up the babysitter. On the way I catch a glimpse of the bay. Sometimes I forget that I am surrounded by water and seeing it always makes me catch my breath. I also like it when I notice sand at the edge of the road.

But if I hadn't gotten the memo about living near the water, I would have remembered when I picked up the sitter and got a tour of her family's house. They are renovating one of the old Captain's houses along Old King's Highway. Sometimes there are official tours of Captain's Houses, but I prefer to do it when they're not expecting me.

They have changed part of it to be open and light and modern, while keeping most of the house true to its time - like the original exterior, the captain's staircase, and angled upstairs ceilings. Half renovated, half restored. And definitely inhabited, which I like in a house. Coffee was made, mugs were within reach. I nearly sent the babysitter off without me.

Meanwhile, Chris is working on a Captain's Coop. Or something. He's spent the last couple weeks combing the internet for coop plans. They are legion. If we thought making architectural decisions for our own house was difficult....

Speaking of which, for those of you who have been with me from the beginning we still have no deck. Or sunroom, or terrace, or wrap around porch. We did talk to an architect and show him some of our ideas (which he approved of as being in keeping with the rest of the house). The next step was to send him some measurements and our house plans so he could do the drawings. Well the next thing I know I'm driving along the backroads and I spy a house with a wall of glass doors and I come home and say, "forget the sunroom, what we need is a wall of glass doors." Chris agreed. So we're sort of back to square one. And meanwhile this area has been declared to be in the Wrath of God Zone and so in need of hurricane tested windows (not good when you're adding a sunroom).

So Chris is putting all his architectural mojo into the coop. Here's the latest design he emailed me (we don't actually talk, just email).

(image of cupola thing here)*

I don't have the heart to tell him it's a rabbit hutch.

*I had posted the picture, but there was something about the image title that kept scoring me visits from people who were most definitely not looking for chicken coops. Next time I put a provocatively titled picture up, I'll make sure it's embedded in some of my very best writing.


Fred said...

Oh my Gawd ... it's Bongo's Summer Cottage!

Susan said...

Indeed it is! That explains why Chris likes it so much.