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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Going around in circles

This morning I was Uber-Mommy, up at the shriek of dawn making oatmeal pancakes. I whisked Lucy off to school and stopped by a friend's house to water her plants while she's away. I put Studley down for his nap and realized I hadn't eaten any of the pancakes. So I hit the kitchen and had Frosted Flakes and whole milk. Oh my. Yes, I was still at my friend's house. Her pantry is different from mine. Then I tapped into her dsl and got a couple hours of work done. When Studley woke up he came and found me, played with my cell phone for a little while and called my boss - leaving her a lengthy message before sending a few pictures of my ankles. I finished up work and then played follow-the-leader with him for literally 25 minutes. Out of the kitchen, through the family room, down the hall, past the dining room, into the kitchen..... It was a bit like a walking meditation and I got heaps of stuff sorted out in my head. Yes, we're still at the friend's house.

Don't ever ask me to water your plants, feed your parakeet or let the cable guy in while you're away because when you get home you'll wonder whose clothes those are in your closet. She knows I do this, but gave me a key anyway.

So then we picked up Lucy and headed to the carousel. It's in a museum that is surrounded by gardens - veritable forests of rhododendrons. We walked through the gardens to get there, but then riding the bus back to the car is part of the fun. The bus looks like a pontoon boat. And for those of you who are jaded by tour buses that have a prerecorded guide instead of the real thing, this bus is for you. It went like this:

"So the first thing people ask me is, 'when do the rhododendrons bloom?' and I tell them, 'I have absolutely no idea.' I've been here 17 years and this year has been so crazy... Hello Carlos! Looking good.... that it's impossible to tell when anything will bloom. There's one that's not even close. There's another that.... Mario, you missed a spot! .... And if you look straight in front of us you'll see the most spectacular azalea in three states...." and so forth until finally we've greeted every gardener on the property and we arrive at the parking lot, where he adds (still on his microphone) "Ginger, I sure hope you feel better. You go right home and do what I told you this morning. It's a sure fire cure."

It really was the most spectacular azalea in 3 states and it reminds me - I forgot to water the plants.

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