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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

turkey fiddlers on the roof

Reasons I am a very nearly famous person:
1) I am 1 degree of separation from Homer Simpson
2) I am 2 degrees of separation from Kermit the frog
3) I am 0 degrees of separation from Genie Morrow

I assume that you count the people in between you and the famous person, because otherwise I would be saying that I am Genie, who I am not. Unfortunately.

Because she's very cool.

She's been quasi-housesitting for the winter and invited a bunch of us over to trash the place before she had to move out. Or at least I assume that's why she let me bring the kids.

What an amazing house to be allowed into. We started on the rooftop deck, with its lovely ocean view. To get to the deck we went through a series of rooms, all with pull-out places to sleep because you just know people are always dropping by and staying for a week. It's not a big house, but there were these spaces where you just wanted to go and hang out: A little brick patio tucked into a corner; a sitting room at the top of the stairs. If I were staying there, I'd be sleeping in a different room every night and moving from chair to chair with myriad cups of tea during the day. And now that the weather is warming I'd have a mattress pulled out onto the rooftop deck faster than you can say "who is this person and why is she sleeping on my roof?"

Genie made us dinner. When someone makes me something to eat or drink it is as close to taking communion as I will ever be allowed to come. There is something so sacred about sharing food. You could tell she had thought about every detail and tailored her choices to the friends she was feeding. It was amazing. I would give more details but if I keep thinking about it I'll have to drive back over for left-overs. I wish I was there now, actually, as I'm sure they're all still sitting around in the livingroom and chatting it up. It's not the sort of house to relinquish guests easily.

The only disappointment is that the wild turkey did not make an appearance.

After all, if you catch sight of someone's animal totem something mystical happens and you wake up to find you can sing in tune for the first time ever.

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