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Saturday, May 26, 2007

working from home

Today I cleaned my office.

Granted, my office is a table in the back corner of our bedroom (okay, simmer down all you Feng Shui experts). Still, it needs to be tidied, and I've been in a tidying mood. I've been in such a tidying mood that Chris now owns 3 pairs of socks, 2 t-shirts and a pair of shorts. There are 6 Lawn and Leaf bags full of what used to be his clothes, ready to go to Salvation Army. The kids and I were not spared the Great Clothing Exile, so we'll be spending the summer in our bathing suits.

Because you see, even though it doesn't seem like I work, I do. And I need a place to do it where I'm not repeatedly wishing I could see all the way across the room without visual assault.

Those of us who work from home have rights too.

Anyway, I'm trying to return the room to our original vision - which was a tranquil spot with eastern influence. By that I don't mean the boil-your-fish-in-milk and put-a-braided-rug-on-all-horizontal-surfaces eastern influence. If I squint I can still see that vision. I was shooting for something Asian - Zen and the art of making your bed with fluffy white bedding à la Lost in Translation - but I think I landed stylistically somewhere in Prague.

But back to the officey part of the room.

Although I can, technically, work while the kids are here and awake I am always afraid I'll look up to find that Studley has super-glued himself to the bathroom door, so I work at night. Or I get a sitter while I hide in the back. If she needs anything from me she has to slip a note under the door. It's not that I can't be interrupted, I'm just embarrassed about the state of my office.

Right now none of this matters because I am basking in the friendly glow of my laptop, smelling the lilacs through an open window and listening to the last of the birds settling down for the night.

It's a nice place to work.

Can you tell I haven't been out today? We made it as far as the wading pool. As far as I know, the whole world has boycotted our sandy spit of land in favor of a weekend in Vegas.

But I doubt it.


Fred said...

Trust me ... they're out there this weekend!

I wasn't planning on leaving the house today, but my local fishmonger, one Mr David O'Lighthouse, called me to tell me that they had really good quality tuna, so I just had to venture out. And once I was out, I had to stop by my fave artist's little nest and check out her latest painting (which is absolutely fab-brill - I think there's a good chance it's going to end up somewhere in my little sea flat), and then it was on to the fruit market, and then ... oof, too much driving and parking for this weekend ... fortunately, I think most were still at the beaches today ... but they're here, that's for sure!

Susan said...

Very grateful for the field report - I feel like I've been out! Still, not crossing the property line until Monday afternoon at earliest. Give the outside world my best and drop by the wading pool if you're in the neighborhood....