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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

B Movies and Fairy Tales

There are several things on my mind today.

First, I took a walk and happened to pass the parking lot of a newspaper office. I tell you, the bumper stickers alone can give you a pretty good idea of what's going on in the world. There's a reason these people are in journalism.

And of course that made me think about the phenomenon of bumper stickers in general. There are several modes of bumper stickerism, which include separating yourself from the world at large and showing the world at large that you are not who they think you are.

I like doing the latter, which is why I'm looking for a Llangefni Public Library bumper sticker.

I have never been to Wales.

That's not totally true. But I was 12, so it doesn't really count.

And since I am flaunting my World Travelerness, I will tell you the story of the Week I Wasn't a Princess.

Back a very long time ago I went to Monte Carlo. I did not intend to go to Monte Carlo, but I was persuaded by a stranger on a plane to go. If this is sounding like the beginning of a B movie, just wait. It goes totally mainstream.

So despite my protestations (I'm not That Kind of Girl so don't even think what you're thinking. And I was backpacking and didn't have a thing to wear) off to Monte Carlo I went.

I was put up in a really really lovely hotel. I was bought 2 complete outfits (including shoes, handbags & jewelry) at Christian Dior.

Are you thinking of a movie with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere yet? Told you.

And I was taken to parties and I helped translate when he bought art and we ate out and I had my hair done every 12 seconds and he said "you must feel like a princess in a fairy tale."

And that's where he was wrong. Because I was brought up feeling like a princess. I had parents who taught me manners and made me feel like I was worth something. I even know which fork to use most of the time.

I did not feel like a princess. I felt like a poodle.

And I was thinking about this because today at the library I found a particularly lovely version of The Princess and the Pea, by Lauren Child and Polly Borland. It is beautifully and creatively told - not at all nauseating. Lauren Child, the author and illustrator, is a freaking genius. She made these exquisite dioramas which imply that she spends way too much time gazing lovingly at Anthropologie catalogs.

"You see," said the king, "a real princess is not only mesmerizingly beautiful and fascinatingly interesting but, most important of all-"
"She has manners," said the queen.
"No one should ever travel without them," said the king.

Here's a review.

If one must have fairy tales on one's shelves, this is a fine one.

And Monte Carlo is in itself a fairyland - with or without Christian Dior.

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