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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bolt Risk

Today while I was waiting for Lucy to finish her yoga class I read a review of Ann Wood's book, Bolt Risk.

I know Ann. I knew she had written a Bukowski-esque novel. It hadn't occured to me that the book was based on events in her life.

Fleeing the boredom of the tinsel town fringe, she lands a job as an exotic dancer and falls for Adam, lead guitarist of the popular thrash band Z, six feet four inches of raw talent, stud beauty, and unrestrained ego. Thus begins a droll and harrowing ride through the underworld of Los Angeles strip clubs, dive bars, and drug motels that sends her to a mental hospital, where she is astutely classified as a ‘bolt risk,’ a kid who is very likely to escape. Here the author recreates the absurd daily world of Girl, Interrupted with a remarkable toughness that laughs in the face of institutional horror.

Okay, I didn't know she was a stripper in Hollywood. I didn't know she had been committed.

I have looked and looked for the John Buffalo Mailer review of Bolt Risk online - that's the one I read in the hallway of the yoga studio (the building also houses Leapfrog Press). It was brilliant. He talks about how she picked a fight with him and then drank him under the table.

I can see that.

There are other reviews here.

So I finish reading about this woman I know and all her addictions and dark secrets (are they still secrets when you write a semi-autographical book about them?) and I look at the time and walk to the end of the hall where I take off my shoes and go into a room filled with new age music. I pack the kids in the car - the kids who take yoga and will probably take up cello - and drive through one of the most quaint, rose-bestrewn, towns you'll ever see. A town where you just might find yourself chatting up an exotic dancer who can turn a phrase.


Rodrigo said...

Oi, achei teu blog pelo google tá bem interessante gostei desse post. Quando der dá uma passada pelo meu blog, é sobre camisetas personalizadas, mostra passo a passo como criar uma camiseta personalizada bem maneira. Até mais.

Susan said...

I was going to have someone translate this for me - you know, to make sure it wasn't spam - and then I had this Pentacostal moment and I understood every word!

"Your blog inspired me to design a whole line of t-shirts. I am working on printing a t-shirt for each post and am glad you finally mentioned knowing an exotic dancer.I would also like to get a good likeness of you and your chickens to use for the logo. Yours faithfully, Rodrigo"

I think Rodrigo would like readers to purchase the shirts, but my Pentacostal moment ended and I can in no way endorse this transaction.

Peter Stone said...

As you were in literary mode today I thought it time to introduce you to my friends daughter (copy and paste)


Here is her web site

and she also runs librarian.net

She is the daighetr of an MIT computer scientist that invented most of the computers at Data General in the 80's and is pretty current in terms of freedom of information as a way to fix the world

Susan said...

Oh Peter, I am nothing if not literary....
Thanks for the link! I went to her site and now I want to visit her home which looks FABULOUS - even in semi-darkness.

I, too, am the daughter of an MIT uber-geek. I like her already.