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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Car & Driver

This weekend I drove three cars which were not my own. I had permission.

My car is fine. Thank you for asking.

In Chris' car I washed the windshield several times in an effort to set the cruise conrol. His car, and those around it, are very clean.

My mother's car, a pristine affair, is no longer pristine after toting my kids around.

The real challenge came in backing my sister's mini-van out of her garage. I have never driven a mini-van. I don't think I've ever pulled in or out of a garage. The garage is roughly the size of the mini-van. Maybe smaller.

I successfully extricated it from the garage and then began my search for the garage door opener - or closer, in this case. I rummaged through her glove box, I rifled through her cd's, I pawed around in every super-secret stuff-stasher tucked into the dashboard. No opener.

And then I looked up. There in the built-in console, where most of us have a dome-light and possibly a sunroof device, was a small picture of a house. The house had an arrow pointing up. Under the house were 3 buttons - because apparently people with mini-vans need those three car garages.

And I wonder, did the van come with the house? How did the van know how to open and close this particular garage door? Did the house come with the van? Are the pool, the playground, the bike paths, the house, the garage and the van somehow interrelated?

I have to go to bed now.

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