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Monday, June 25, 2007

"I just love books - they're so decorative!"

A couple of days ago I mentioned that a musical reminded me of The Master and Margarita, not realizing that Andrew Lloyd Webber has plans to turn it into a musical of its very own.


What is the world coming to? Is nothing sacred?

There's a great bookstore in Denver called The Tattered Cover. When I was there they had two locations - my favorite being the one in Cherry Creek which seems to have gone missing.

Anyway, they had a t-shirt that said "the book was better".

So really, this book crisis I've been reading about lately isn't due to people getting all their information from the web. It's because all the best literature is being turned into musicals.

When the Cherry Creek location was open I loved sitting amid the bookshelves and flipping through random books. They had these big comfy armchairs and it was easy to pass a couple hours making a selection. And that's before you got to the magazines.

Sometimes I would pick up Opera News there so I could have it on my coffee table and be prepared to name drop if I ever had the opportunity. I didn't.

When I moved from Denver a bunch of people came from work and helped me haul my stuff down the fire escape to my Hertz truck. At one point I was told I should either stop moving or stop buying books.

I have lived in this house for almost 6 years - a record.

I once had a house guest who stayed for a few months. She read a whole shelf of fiction while she was here. It was like revisiting old friends because of course she wanted to talk about all of them. She was one of my favorite guests ever. Now that I think of it, I was in a bookclub with her when I first read The Master and Margarita.

How can you find out anything about a person if you don't have a bookshelf to peruse?

Ironically, that quote about books being decorative is in the movie version of Auntie Mame, not the book. Oh well.

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