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Thursday, June 21, 2007

obstetrics, ornithology and other big words

I just came from Shaw's, which used to be Star Market. I still insist on calling it Star Market, although it is probably beginning to irritate people. Star Market is where we went when we vacationed here. It is where my mother shopped growing up. It is not right that there should be a world with no Star Market.

While I was paying, the girl at the register pointed out another customer with a baby. The bagger casually stated the age of the baby (in weeks) and mentioned that he had studied obstetrics. His name is Boran, which means that he does not live here on a regular basis.

He is young and I hope he is here on an educational lark and not because his country is plagued with locusts or some such pestilence.

These are the things I think about and these are the things I wonder, but what I know for absolute certain is that I will make sure he's the bagger whenever I have delicate produce in my grocery cart.

I must also note that a Carpenters song was playing while I picked out my produce, and two people were singing along. I was not one of those two people, as I have been asked repeatedly not to sing in public.

Interestingly, it completely removed the Jane's Addiction song I have had stuck in my head for the last three days.

Today we went back to Pilgrim Lake. Off in the distance we saw a pair of swans. As they swam toward us we noticed that there were three babies. Cygnets, I believe. We were careful not to scare them and they came right up onto the beach. They sunned themselves for awhile - the babies napped. They stretched and yawned and moseyed farther onto the beach. I was, as usual, wishing I had my camera. And then, as the male came closer and closer, I was wishing I had brought my swan-repelling safety cage. Let me tell you, wild swans are pretty big when they are standing on the fringe of your Mexican blanket.

We survived.

But next time I am totally hanging our lunch basket in a tree.

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