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Thursday, June 28, 2007

the right accessories

Today I drove around with a croquet set and a beach basket on the front seat of my car.

I am quite sure I looked like a J. Crew model.

The beach basket is actually a market basket I bought in Spain. I went to a local market one day and noticed that most of the women were hauling their escarole around in these big, fabulous woven baskets. Thusly:

Notice that I am getting very lazy about photographing my own stuff since it is so easy to do a search for any image you could possibly need. This is far less beaten up than mine and infinitely more photogenic.

Anyway, I like buying useful local things when I travel, so I bought one. I filled it full of the other useful local things I bought and used it as a carry-on for my return trip. One is wise to not check through 84 pounds of majolica flower pots and several liters of olive oil, after all.

In the airport, someone stopped and asked if I had just come from Morocco. When I said no he looked dejected but then explained that the basket I had purchased in a SPANISH MARKET was in fact made in his home town. I don't know why I thought it would have been made in the town I was visiting. Heaven knows nothing useful is made in my own town.

Despite its dubious origins, I have used it well. Its latest incarnation is Beach Basket and it is perpetually packed with sunscreen, extra bathing suits, a couple towels and a change of clothes for Studley.

Studley frequently needs his clothes changed due to a) an inability to differentiate between his bathing suit and his regular clothes and b) the alarming speed at which he approaches any body of water. He is also a very messy eater. And he likes to pour dirt on himself.


The croquet set came out of the basement and will just have to do for now. It is the set I had growing up and is Recreational Quality. Our still-as-yet-unnamed league is going to have to have a bake sale so we can purchase Professional Quality equipment.

Because we really really want it.

Two of the players who attended our clinic came with their own (monogrammed) mallets, which were carried in their own purpose-built croquet mallet bags.

We had croquet equipment envy.

Mostly because it made us giggle.

So I had a sub-standard croquet set in my car which is probably why the whole day fell apart willy-nilly. We like to think of ourselves as Ladies of Leisure, but we do actually all work (although one was referred to by her husband as his "semi-retired wife" when she took the clinic. Sweet!).

Sometimes work gets in the way. Sometimes Lots of Work gets in the way.

But don't you fret, we will reconvene next week.

And in the meantime I will keep the basket and the mallets in the car because they look so darn good.

Surfboards. Pffft.

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