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Friday, June 29, 2007

smug and artsy

Tonight for dinner we had a Parmesan tomato tart with herbs from the garden and a spinach salad also from our garden. I am feeling very smug. Yes, most gardens are better looking than mine. Yes, many are better producers. But we just ate spinach out of our very own garden which we started from seeds with our very own hands. At this moment I don't give two hoots about all those gardens who think they're any better.

Take that.

The coop is almost done which means we are starting to plan the Coop Warming Party.

The coop is, shall we say, not what I expected. It is large. It is grey. It does indeed bear some resemblance to the Hirshhorn. It has a spiral staircase, down which our hens can descend into their courtyard. I'm afraid that is my fault, because I was teasing Chris - something like, "what next, a spiral staircase?"

You have to be so darn careful around that guy.

When he went off to work he asked if I could please print out some large images of paintings for the inside. So far I have that really famous photograph of Martha Graham and a Hieronymus Bosch painting - you know, so they can see what happens when good hens misbehave. That's in reference to Hieronymus Bosch, not Martha Graham, for the record.

I guess if we're down to decorating and picking out a china pattern we must be close to getting them out of our livingroom. Although I really like the sound of them cheeping, they are smelly and should be fertilizing our lawn.

The thing is, Chris likes to build stuff. For years - years - we had a geodesic dome in our yard. It was supposed to be a garage, but never had the plastic shrink-wrap put on. So it was lawn sculpture. Since it was supposed to be a garage, and since it is a dome, you can imagine the size of this lawn sculpture. We were sort of the talk of the neighborhood.

Then we had kids and that meant other kids started coming to our house, mistaking our artwork for a jungle gym - not realizing that it was art and would skewer them like St. Sebastian if one of the struts came loose.

We dismantled it before the lawsuits started pouring in.

So he's been looking for a new project. And it is the coop. And since it was built almost entirely of salvaged materials, there is no reason why it won't be the first of many themed coops. I am hoping for a Zen Monastery Coop next.

(exit humming)


Fred said...
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Fred said...

(sorry, misspelled "Hirshhorn" the first time)

As a warning of what might happen if they don't lay enough eggs, perhaps Rembrandt's "The Slaughtered Ox".

Or maybe, as a suggestion of fertility, some works by Georgia O'Keefe.

Being the Hirshhorn, you definitely need some sculpture, too.

Susan said...

Oh sculpture is definitely on the horizon. And I have been chastized for using non-Hirshhorn images inside, so I am back to square one. I'll keep you posted.