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Monday, June 18, 2007

Things I can't wait to mention

In my usual Pollyanna fashion, I am reporting from the field.

Yesterday we went to the Beachcomber for dinner. While we were eating, my sister-in-law mentioned that a guy at the bar had just dropped a dollar bill and should one of us go tell him? While she was saying it, some other guy walked across the patio and did exactly that.

I am pretty sure it would have gone the same way if it was a $20, because.....

Next to our table there was a basket-style purse - you know, the kind that doesn't actually close at the top so you can see the change of clothes and the Nikon camera and the wallet next to the LOOSE CASH. I don't know about the other stuff, to be honest, but there was definitely loose cash. Several people came up and asked if it was our bag, and expressed concern - not that we may all be blown to bits, but that someone's stuff was there for the taking.

We did finally mention it to the waitress - you know, report all unattended bags to a person of authority who brings you your Goombay Smash.

We figured if it was one of those Scary Unattended Bags we would
a) die instantly because we were next to it
b) all be together.

And a completely unrelated thought: I have complained of being "pecked at" for the last couple years. And then I went and got chickens. What's with that?

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