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Monday, June 4, 2007

Liz Kinder

This morning I gift wrapped one of Liz Kinder's bowls so I could send it out into the world, making it a happier place. And making someone like me more. I always like to include info about the artist, so I pulled a handful of little cards out of her file. And then I couldn't decide what to put in. These are a few of my favorites.

Liz Kinder's artist cards:

My dad cannot believe I'm a potter. Neither can I, really. When he sees how much I produce he tells me I'm my "own little third world country."

It's sort of endearing.

Do you think that people might find that offensive? I never know anymore.


You might be thinking that while I was making this piece of pottery I was listening to something classy - the Bach B Minor Mass - or something edgy like Radiohead. I hate to break it to you, but I was probably listening to NPR, cursing at Terry Gross,
or worse.... grooving to "The Ultimate Air Supply"


I wonder if the fact that you're buying my pottery is any indication that you are also someone who gets depressed every time you walk into IKEA.


Signing "Liz Kinder, etc."

Perhaps the time would be better spent shampooing my hair.

I spend an hour every morning writing on the bottom of my pottery. My mom was visiting; we shopped. I took off my hat and, in the middle of the store she shrieked, "When was the last time YOU WASHED YOUR HAIR?"

I didn't know.


You're thinking that this card is going to say that this piece of pottery was made with loving hands by some underprivileged person.

I don't want to disappoint, but it was actually made by an overeducated girl in Philly who will probably blow the money on some ridiculously over-priced moisturizing product.

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