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Monday, June 4, 2007

To Do List, revised (again)

Today was almost The Day Summer Forgot.

Last night it looked like today would be a prolonged state of euphoria. We were scheduled to go to a friend's house and hang out at the pond all afternoon. Just think, a day of swimming and not one trip to a public bathroom. And after that, off to a late afternoon concert for some dancing and dinner.

But the day started out rainy, and even though it cleared it was just too chilly and Lucy is the only one with a wetsuit. And when it was time to go to the concert I discovered there was a change of lineup and one of the guitar players was the ridiculously loud one that I like but cannot in good conscience subject my kids to (even with their tried and true earplugs).

Then I remembered the pool. Some friends of ours have a restaurant with a pool. One of our favorite things is to have dinner poolside and swim until we all fall asleep (thank goodness for floaties). We were all set to walk out the door when the phone rang again and it was news that the restaurant isn't open yet and the pool is empty. Fine if you're in the mood for skateboarding, not so fine if you're hungry and you've just futilely put your whole family in bathing suits for the second time today.

Then I remembered the trampolines. People had already gone this summer, so I knew they were open. In the car we went.

They were closed. But practically next door were bumper boats, and they were open. So we flung ourselves out of the car and booked two boats. Lucy had her own and Studley and I shared one. Chris was working and boy is he going to be sad (especially once he gets the $573 worth of photos I sent to his phone).

Really, I did it for the kids. But I have rarely laughed that hard. We were the only two boats and we chased each other around until I could barely stand up for the stomach cramps. We shrieked and sprayed each other with our laser-accuracy water shooters. We careened helplessly into walls, each other and docked boats.

When the time was up we obediently guided our vessels back to their docks - although it took us an additional 20 minutes to do so.

And then it was time for dinner.

Our kids are the products of two adults who were themselves raised on instant mashed potatoes. Lucy and Studley eat whole wheat bread and are not afraid of sushi. They know what couscous is. They request chutney on the side.

I took them to A&W.

I think when they get older I'll have to find some kind of summer camp to send them too, like normal kids. But I'm in no hurry because I think I need to be a good 30 years older before I can ride the bumper boats by myself.

And then I'll get a 6 for $30 punch card.

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