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Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Sometimes people think we are not a real town. Sometimes people tell me, after they discover that I live here, that people can't afford to live here and it's all just second homes and summer rentals. This makes me wonder
a) did I forget where I left my first house? Do I have to go home sometime?
b) do they think I am a Member of the Staff and live in Employee Housing?

And because we are sometimes treated like an Epcot exhibit, I begin to wonder what an Epcot version of us would look like. This morning I made it my mission to take note of all the little things which make us look so convincingly authentic.

We went to Jo Mama's Bagels for breakfast. As we drove up I noted the guy playing guitar out front. The staff member playing the part of the guy playing guitar should be wearing a t-shirt and jeans, have dreadlocks, and appear as though he may be, possibly, a little smelly. He does not have to play guitar, but should look as if he might any moment.

Jo Mamas is a bagel store that The Monkees probably would have hung out in. There are chalkboards hanging everywhere with delicious things listed on them. There is artwork. There are many colors of painted walls.

We place our order and then Chris realizes he left his wallet in the car. This is usually my line. As he tells the girl at the counter that he needs to go for cash, a voice from behind us says, "hey, how much do you need?"

"I can spot you," he continues, "and you can just drop it off later." It is the owner of the used record store next door. He has known Chris forever. And he is a nice person. Little known yet obvious: if you own a record store called "Instant Karma", you are probably a nice person.

I am now stumped, as Epcot will have a heck of a time casting this role.

I give up on my new mission and go take a nap.

And then later I go to the Wellfleet Drive-In, which celebrated its 50th anniversary tonight. They are showing Ratatouille, so we take the kids (and our most childish friends). We pack a picnic basket and have dinner sitting in beach chairs in front of our cars. I would tell you about the movie, but I was too busy buying cheesey fries at the concession stand.

They used to play these old intermission clips which were probably from the 50's. There were dancing hotdogs, which I think were meant to lure people to the concession stand.

I hear drive-ins are going extinct. Who doesn't have great memories of going to drive-ins? I can't imagine them going away completely. Then I'll have to talk about them in a "back in the day" context.

Like used records and The Monkees.


Love Monkey said...

Speaking of olden days and all things almost non-existant - you have a COMMUNITY. You know, when people work/live together and do things like share and cooperate?

wow. That must be cool.

Susan said...

LM- I know! Crazy, isn't it? Maybe instead of Epcot they'll put us in the Smithsonian.