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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Barnstable County Fair

The kids are going to sleep for a week.

We went to the tame, bay beach today - all the tamer due to the low tide. Where we are, when the tide goes out there's a mile or so of tidal flats. Which means shallow pools of water for the kids to play in and ages of damp, hard sand to walk on. High tide is the only time you can get a swim in, but low tide is a novelty and great with kids. It's especially perfect when the tide is high in the late afternoon, because it has come in over hot, sun-baked flats and is warm, warm, warm. Even by my standards.

But that has nothing to do with us. Not today.

Because when we finished with the beach we came home and treated the kids to another bath en plein air. And then we packed yet another picnic (we had lunch on the beach) and took off for the Barnstable County Fair.

I have learned that you HAVE TO go right at 4 p.m. when they open on weekdays, or you will be stuck in traffic instead of eating cotton candy. So we arrived shortly after 4, breezed in, scoped out the purveyors (cotton candy), and ooohed and ahhhed over the goats and sheep and pigs. Pigs are even smellier than chickens. We won't be getting any.

We said hello to some chickens that looked like ours. Lucy held a little chick, quite adeptly. We had dinner at a picnic table under the trees. The band was kind enough to start playing just as we began to eat. Jazz. Very dinner-y. I have realized that if you don't have a proper place in your house for people to eat, you should have lots of picnics with your houseguests. And there are less dishes.

And then we went to the rides. The older girls (ages 3 and 4) rode a couple of snoozers, just to make sure they wouldn't cry or throw up, and then they hit the little rollercoasters. If I forget everything else from this day, I hope I never forget the head-splitting smiles those girls had on their little screaming faces.

The fair is only here through the weekend. Very nice that we got to do it with our friends, who now think we live this crazy life of doing fun things all the time.

I'm starting to believe it, too.

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