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Thursday, July 5, 2007

burgers and lyrics

I am having a hard time deciding what to report on tonight.

I blame it on dinner. I had made these veggie burger things and asked Chris to watch them in the skillet while I went to pick lettuce. When I came back he had rescued them from flames but then added oil and proceeded to essentially fry them. They were, well, disgusting.

They probably would have been disgusting had they not been bathed in oil, but since they were bathed in oil I can blame Chris. They were not, however, as disgusting as the Love Burgers I bought in Boulder 20 years ago.

Before Whole Foods bought it, it was Wild Oats, and before Wild Oats bought it, it was Alfalfas. And before it was Alfalfas, it was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. Oh wait, wrong story.

Alfalfas, I believe, started in Boulder - because where else would it start? By the time I was there, there were 3 unique stores to choose from. The biggest one was starting to become what Whole Foods is now. There were things that the uninitiated shopper could recognize. The other two required some homework and were high on the intimidation factor. I am not sure why they were intimidating, but I always felt like a poser when I went in because I didn't know what anything was and yet I was trying to cook out of Diet For a Small Planet (which produced some of the worst dinners I have EVER made) and be all Bouldery.

They had a lot of bulk bins. Mostly grains and weird flours. One of the bins had something called "Love Burger" in it. There was a recipe that you could take - something like, "add oil and an egg, make patty, fry in skillet, choke down." It was really, really nasty.

I am at this moment becoming fearful that nutritious food has not gotten better, that I've just gotten used to it. Can this be? Surely not.

Over the years Alfalfas added all kinds of delicious things - they just didn't have additives or preservatives. They also had a spectacular bakery. By the time I lived in Denver one of my favorite things to do was walk down the street to Alfalfas, pick out a slice of cake, take it home and wait patiently for the coffee to brew.

Ah, health food.

At least tonight we had greens from the garden - which have probably no nutritional value but look divine on the plate.

Just think, soon (okay, in several months) we will have fresh eggs and I will be posting quiche recipes non-stop.

And speaking of chickens.... When we came home this afternoon we discovered that the chickens had made it up inside their coop and were cheeping happily in relative warm, dry comfort. We are so relieved. We thought we were going to have to redo the guestroom for them.

It is very fun to drive up the driveway and see chickens. They are much cuter now that they're out in the sunshine and we can see them properly.

This morning at a concert the performers asked the group if they had dogs, cats, hamsters, lizards etc. I could see Lucy patiently waiting for "chickens," so she could raise her hand.

Yes, I went to a kids' concert. I took my children. I think, probably, most people there took their children. That said, it was not as annoying as much of the kids music we run into. The songs were catchy, even. They wrote all their own songs, so there was no Wheels on the Bus action. Again, I am a little worried that this particular Kids Music Event was not quantifiably more listenable than other Kids Music Events - I am just getting used to them.

No. This can't be.

On my way out I passed the Band Van. And I looked in. No, it was none of my business what was in the passenger seat and I HONESTLY did not stand there reading but I couldn't help but notice what appeared to be song lyrics scribbled on a piece of paper.

And it made me happy.

Because seeing signs of things being created is kind of beautiful. And thinking of this person suddenly pulling over and scribbling makes me smile. Ideas and answers come all the time. You just have to pay attention - and have a pen handy.

And try not to drive off the road.

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