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Sunday, July 1, 2007

By the way

If you see me, please don't say you like my haircut.

It's not that I don't like the compliment. I really do. It's just that I am unable to keep from launching into a dissertation on why I cut it, how it ended up this short, the products I am finding helpful, etc.

I hear myself doing this and try to stop but then someone says it and off I go again until the person has wandered off and I'm still talking about my hair.

I am attending meetings, so soon if you say "is your hair really that curly?" I will say

You know, I didn't think it was and I was using this really expensive curl-enhancer but then I ran out and just put in some leave-in conditioner and low and behold the curls were still there so I guess it is curly, although I have to be careful not to comb it or it gets all frizzy but it's much easier than long hair although with long hair you can wash it and make it right and be good for a couple days whereas with short hair you wake up with a UFO perched on your head and you absolutely have to wash it every morning, especially if your hair is curly, which mine seems to be so I guess the answer is


Love Monkey said...

LOL Love it! I do the same thing. I have curly hair and when it's shorter it's very high maintenance. That's why it's long - because I am very, very lazy when it comes to grooming. Hello ponytail.

Susan said...

Ponytail envy. Actually maybe the hairstyle pictured in your profile is the perfect answer - the best (?) of both worlds. Can you still buy oodles of product with the semi-updo? The only thing that rivals my laziness is my fondness for product.

Liz said...

Your curly hair morning dilemma can be quickly solved by running wet hands through it several times and then scrunching in a bit of gel or conditioner or spaying it with a misting spray bottle and then doing the gel bit.
Please refer to me as the Marchioness of all Products Made for Curly Hair - as I have indeed, tried them all. Every one. I will be happy to talk curly hair products with you any old time - I don't care what your blog says....