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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cheese Platters and other points of interest

When I picked up Lucy from her yoga class today a couple came out with a cat in a carrier. I ended up talking to them, and asked them how she was feeling. This invaded her HIPAA rights, but I only asked out of curiousity and not a burning desire to meddle in the health issues of a strange cat.

She is feeling better. She is feeling better because she had just come from an acupuncture appointment (which I was assuming, as I had not noticed any cats in Lucy's yoga class). She also has a homeopathic doctor in London who is prescribing all manner of whatnot for her. She is beating Disease X, which I will not disclose for the sake of Cleomenes' privacy. Cleomenes being the cat. Not her real name.

While Lucy was in class, Studley and I were loitering. I got an iced tea and went to sit in the garden in front of the Chamber of Commerce. It's a little courtyard with nice plantings (I'm especially fond of the big clumps of ornamental grass) and some benches. A woman had added several chairs and a few little side tables, and was busy bringing out balloons and other little decorations.

She kept forgetting to ask me to leave, so I finally asked her if I should clear out. Quite the contrary, she asked me to stay for the hoopla. And she brought me a cookie. The Chamber of Commerce was having an open house and I was invited - it being open and all. It started shortly after I picked up Lucy, so we were the first to arrive. She even took pictures of us (probably so she could put it in the newsletter if no one else showed up).

I haven't been in the Chamber of Commerce for years. Why would I need to? I live here. But I always love going to information booths and community bulletin boards in other towns to see what's happening. So I nosed around ours and picked up a couple brochures. Some of the brochures were misleadingly lovely and I felt a little badly for the people who chose their accommodations based on graphic design. There were other places I had never heard of and wanted to check out. There were frisbees with weneedavacation.com printed on them, which is how my sister found a rental the last time she came to visit. I'd recommend it. I can recommend it because I don't work for the Chamber and can actually make recommendations without appearing to play favorites and without getting sued. I'll save that for Cleomenes.

Our houseguests have left and are probably home by now. As they were packing the car, Lucy went into the garden and found the first ripe tomato - which she washed off and gave to her friend. I took pictures of them in the garden so that I can finally show them how lush and bountiful it is. Yes, I am going to send them pictures of an eggplant with two blurry little girls in the background. They already know what the girls look like, after all.

Oh oh oh! I almost forgot! This morning we got a call from Heather, warning us that one of the roads connecting our house to the rest of the world was closed because there was a cooking oil spill. Really, with all the fried food our town goes through in the summer, it's amazing this doesn't happen more often and there aren't Emergency Cooking Oil Spill Route signs. We decided to head out of town in the Other Direction and go for breakfast instead of, you know, going to work.

It couldn't be helped.


Love Monkey said...

Cooking Oil Spill!!! I sure hope there weren't too many dangerous trans fats in that oil!!!!!

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