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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I am very fond of free tickets. I will go to nearly anything if someone gives me tickets.

And for some reason, this happens frequently. Yesterday I was offered 4 tickets to the Russian American Kids Circus, which happened this morning. I took Lucy and Studley and Lucy's friend who, to simplify things, we'll call Lucy.

If you clicked the link above, let me just say that they have a very good photographer.

Lucy and Lucy were on the edge of their seats the whole time. There were batons! There were hula hoops! There were unicycles! There were more batons! More hoops! More unicycles! And Tumbling!

About the time the audience was sighing a collective BIG WHOOP, they showed us just what a big whoop it is. They had several volunteers come up and try, with varying degrees of spectacular unsuccess, to stand on a ball.

This made the standing-on-a-ball-while-juggling bit much more impressive. So impressive, in fact, that Studley could no longer stand the tension and fell asleep. Lucy and Lucy, still on the edge of their seats, are gaping.

I must say, there have been shows that I enjoyed more, but rarely have I felt more sainted.

There were a few moments - the good ones - that made me think of my niece's gymnastics competitions. My niece makes it all look elegant - almost effortless. At her competitions I, too, am at the edge of my seat and gaping. And then Lucy spends the next 3 weeks pretending she's in a gymnastics competition.

My niece has stopped gymnastics in favor of Life. It is hard, I imagine, to be a teenager and devote ALL your spare time to something that has ceased to be all-consumingly thrilling. So she was sensible and stopped.

It was fun for all of us while she was doing it. And because we have seen what she's capable of, we know whatever is in her future she will make look elegant and effortless. She's just that way.

Happy birthday to my favorite wrangler.

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