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Sunday, July 1, 2007


Today Lucy said "is there anything greater than summer?"

I think not.

Tonight after dinner we walked down the street to watch the local fireworks. Real fireworks, not the brawly sort. Those are more in the winter.

The walk to the harbor makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and townie inside. People are out having cookouts. Some have bands. Many have friends they didn't know they had because they are well situated and parking is a nightmare.

Some are entrepreneurial. One boy (probably around 10) was selling painted seashells in his driveway. They were a dollar each (for the big ones). Now how can anyone resist a ten year old with painted seashells? Nevermind that we have our own painted seashells coming out our ears. We bought one. It's the prettiest one:

He painted the sunset (upper left) last year and couldn't believe it was still available. We chose some of his newer work.

And then we got to the harbor. Since we were there early this year - instead of careening down the road in semi-darkness - we walked around, bought a couple of neon necklaces and chatted with friends. And then we watched humanity gather. Lots and lots of humanity.

The really blessed ones were having parties on their boats. We could have a party on our boat too, but then we'd be sitting in the yard and unable to see the fireworks. I am obviously not part of The Boating Party, as I am photographing them from above instead of being on the boat taking a video of myself singing "Woohoo! Look at me! Me, on the boat!"

As usual, there was the ubiquitous painter capturing it all (the view, not my shameless behavior). To the best of my knowledge he is no relation to the boy who paints shells.

It is just so darned artsy around here.

The fireworks were, how shall I say.... not bad for local fare. And who really cares about the fireworks anyway? We have our clamshell and our neon necklaces.

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