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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Fourth of July: report from the field

Happy fourth!

Today we went to Sue's house because she is a Useful Friend. Okay, okay, we like her even if she didn't live right on the parade route. But it's handy.

We drove through the crowds and pulled up to her house. At ten minutes to blast off we set our chairs at the end of her driveway, next to the people who had camped out overnight to get a good spot. AND THEN we ate muffins and fruit and drank orange juice because not only does she invite people over to share her good driveway fortune, she feeds us too.

Then the spirit of the occassion overtook us and we shared our food. A little.

Because we wanted to have our hands free to accept popsicles and tootsie pops.

Floatmakers around here have it kind of easy. Many people just trailer their boat and put some streamers on it. Others get a flatbed and then make it look like a boat on a trailer with streamers on it. There also seemed to have been a sale on inflatable whales, to wit:

The whale at The Farm gets to swim through a sea of hydrangeas. Spectacular.

This one appears to be pulling the boat. I have no idea who sponsored this one.

There were many more, but I was too busy with the popsicles.

One of the people we share the driveway with is a real estate agent and she knows just about everyone in the entire parade by name. How is this possible? How can she remember them all? When you take your exam to get a real estate license is it really just a memory test?

Several people yelled "hi, Chris!" from the floats. Chris does not know their names. He's not cut out for real estate.

After the parade we came home so I could wash the popsicle stains out of Lucy and Studley's red white and blue t-shirts. Lucy's has a sequined flag and she's been looking forward to this day since she opened the bag of hand-me-downs in March.

We also had to come home so Chris could put the finishing touches on the coop.

Which he did.

No, really, he did! It's done! We all gathered in the backyard for the unveiling. Chris documented the move-in, although he missed all the action in the livingroom. My niece opened and closed the screen so I could reach in and grab them (which is not easy, let me tell you. They are fast and fluttery and make a lot of noise and if I haven't mentioned it before they are SMELLY and so you're leaning into their box farther than you want to and trying not to breathe while they are running in figure eights at Mach 9). One by one I caught them, carried them downstairs and put them in their new coop. It was like a debutant ball.

Especially since my mother-in-law had gotten champagne for the occasion.

There are reasons I married into this family.

I just went out to check on the chickens because it is getting dark and I think it might be my turn to stand guard with a shotgun in case the coyotes come around. The chickens haven't figured it out yet and are still standing around in the pen. They seem happy, but don't seem to realize that there are posh accomodations at the top of the spiral staircase. They have all been up there, mind you, because they are nosey.

Perhaps they know that chickens are not generally allowed in museums?

I don't know exactly how they responded to the move in because shortly after the hoopla subsided we put our red white and blue gear back on and went to a cookout where we knew practically no one and liked everyone. What are the odds?

I haven't been to a July 4th cookout in a really, really long time. I have no idea how we ended up with several things to do all in the same day. My inner hermit is a little freaked out, but kind of liking it. I might even go see CJ Chenier later. Or I might just watch the chickens.

Incidentally, Lucy and Studley both have "I heart DC" t-shirts, but they did not wear them today. Politics, after all, do not a country make.


Fred said...

I love the Trout family!!! Not that there was any doubt before, but Ruth's buying of champagne did it for me (this time).

Was CJ Chenier tonight? Darmn (intentional ... Darmn = Darn + Damn ... it's almost PG) I spent the night drinking my fave vodka at casa d'shook tonight (after just missing being stranded on the outer beach by the non-restarting boat-of-shook ... oops!)

(maybe someday I'll write all about it in MY blog)

Fred said...

next year, I want to catch a parade, either in your town or the one even closer to the elbow ... I really don't care which, I just need to see a 4th of july parade next year.


Susan said...

Fred- Start kissing up now and we'll take you to Sue's driveway with us next year. Although she might invite you as your own fine self without us, so kissing up is optional.

Yes, Ruth is completely all that.

And I rather like the thought of being stranded on the outer beach. You could grill some plovers.