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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

houseguests, cont.

The great thing about having house guests is that you have to go do all those fun things you don't generally do. Today we went to the beach, which is not so unusual. But instead of going to our tame little bay beach down the street, we opted for an ocean beach. Our guests had to get a little Atlantic time in, you know.

Fortunately Uncle Bucky is brave and strong and impervious to freezing temperatures, because he cheerily accompanied the two older girls at the water's edge. At the water's edge, not In The Water because although they are young and silly, they are not crazy. I stood with them for about 30 seconds before I had to admit that the water was causing undue pain. There was a time when I would have toughed it out, saying "oh, it's fine once you're in," just to defend my sandy spit of land. Water's too cold? Not your idea of a day at the beach? Don't be a pansy. But my friends were game and happy, so I could be the pansy.

And then when we had had enough, we went to lunch and had tuna tacos and lobster rolls and fish and chips. Because that's what you are supposed to do when you are on vacation at the beach.

When we came home we were all filthy, so we filled the wading pool with warm water and bubble bath and tossed the 4 kids in. The soap we used was kid-friendly so we hope it's good for the grass. In any case, our lawn has never been squeaky-cleaner. Adults took actual showers, inside, because we are considerate of our neighbors.

And then we packed a picnic dinner and headed to the Big City to see a concert on the harbor. It's this big sloping lawn and you see boats coming and going beyond the stage. I never really appreciated the Big City, but now that I'm finding spots like this it's winning me over. Besides, it has Trader Joe's.

We didn't go to Trader Joe's because we still have enough food for 6 meals a day. Plus the eggplant which is nearly ready to eat in the garden. They have not asked for a tour of the garden. How can they not want a tour of the garden? I did have a newspaper editor stroll by and admire it today, though. Fortunately not while four naked kids were up to their necks in soap bubbles. There are things I don't need to get in the paper for.


Love Monkey said...

ahhhh, the good ole' days. I didn't live that close to the ocean so a day at the beach meant driving home with sand in your everywhere. And then the hosing down of the children.


Susan said...

misty, water-colored memories.....

You don't soon forget the "sand in your everywhere" part.

And what is it, exactly, that is so tiring about a day at the beach?