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Monday, July 16, 2007

Making the world a better place, one cowboy at a time

I was friends with her before she married into the restaurant/catering business. I am not so shallow as to chose my friends based on their culinary connections. But boy did she marry well.

We have been through good times and bad times together. Frankly both of us have very short term memory and tend to remember only the good times. By this I do not mean bad times in our friendship. We have not had those. But we have had boyfriends and jobs and housing and pets and surely somewhere along the line we were sad about one or more of the above.

But mostly not.

Although I love most any kind of party, I am partial to the ones that celebrate something - like, oh, say, a BABY SHOWER. Especially when the guest of honor is in the restaurant business. See where I'm going here?

The party was at the Reef in Brewster, a restaurant that sits at the 5th hole of the Ocean Edge golf course. There's a patio with seating and an outdoor bar overlooking a pool, so you instantly feel like you're on vacation. It's very resorty in a come-hang-out-here kind of way.

It was not, in other words, your average baby shower.

It's almost impossible to have an average baby shower these days. I mean, how do you invite all the moms you know when some of the moms you know are men? So it was everyone, even the kids. Who were in the pool.

They came out of the pool in time to have Mexican food and fried plantains.


I had a little chat with her husband and talked about how I get all my work done between 8pm and midnight, after the little darlings are sedated. He expressed an interest in my friend doing the same so they could raise their own child in their own home. I wish I had gotten that statement on video because it is very important to my future happiness.

Playdates! Day after day! I mean, raising children is hard work and I WILL NOT stand for it when someone implies that I am "just staying home" but think....

Out for coffee with the kids!
Shoe shopping with the kids!
Playground with the kids and coffee and new shoes!

My life will be perfect.

On our way out, Lucy was given a party favor which I actually photographed because it was uber cute. Uber duber cute. Except you can't see it because my computer is not at the moment on speaking terms with my camera. They're like that sometimes.

She is my Cowboy Crazy friend. There were cowboy hats decorating the gift table (I was going to photograph them too but they were completely buried in gifts by the time I thought of it). There were bandanas under the buckets of flowers on each of the tables. There were cowboy rubber ducks for the kids. And there were Gingerbread Cowboys for party favors. Rididculous. Not enough to make me want to run home and watch a western, but pretty darn great.

It's probably just as well we didn't stay for cake, since we gave them our Nordic Track in exchange for a couple dinners at their restaurant years ago.

We're good like that.


Anonymous said...

Susan, I read about the shower and got a little teary with happiness that you two have such a delightful friendship. Also, a little sad that I could not be there to see how darling it was. Thank you for your wonderful descriptions of the event. I will be there very soon so I hope I will be able to see the pics that did not get along with your computer. Deede (Soon to be Sheamus' grandma)

Susan said...

Hi Deede,
I get a little teary too. Can't wait for you to be here and CAN'T WAIT FOR THAT BABY!