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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I am too grumpy to blog tonight.

Today the man from the Council of the Blind came to help my mother-in-law learn how to get around. He also taught us how to help guide her. We can now get her through a door without one or both of us getting stuck. We know the proper way to guide her into her chair at a restaurant. We can get her safely and efficiently into the car.

We don't know how to get her out of the car.

At one point he got a little too observant. Now I am the first to admit that I am a little sensitive about these things, and I understand that he is just here as her advocate, but I don't need someone coming in and telling me there's too much stuff in the house.

I know that. And I am grateful for how many uncluttered areas have emerged, thanks to my niece. I am choosing to look on the bright side, please.

Fortunately we moved out of the house before things got ugly.

My mother-in-law had expressed an interest in walking down the driveway to her mailbox, so the man brought posts and rope and created an obstacle course across our otherwise pristine lawn.

Okay, it's not pristine. But it REALLY DIDN'T NEED an obstacle course. And he complained about the shape of our driveway. Yes, it's a little cracked, yes, parts of it are missing. People drive on it. These things happen.

Besides, that's not why I'm grumpy.

Tonight I made another dinner from my Vegetarian Times Vegan Spree, Spaghetti with Spinach & Mushrooms. Once thickened, the tomato broth resembled the sauce on Spaghettios. I got all excited.

It was nothing like spaghettios. It was, you know, good for you. My kids had seconds and thirds and declared it a "make again".

What is wrong with this picture?

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