‎"...a little 'trouty', but quite good" ~ Eve Kendall, North By Northwest

Saturday, July 14, 2007

out and about

Here are a few things I noticed around town (since I did absolutely nothing but fold laundry today).

At the bus stop there was a group of people who looked like they were waiting to be captured in a white line woodblock print. They had suitcases and backpacks and looked like they were going places. One man had a wildly printed shirt and a straw hat. It reminded me of this, by Diane Johnson:

I often see things around here that remind me of paintings, especially in the early evening when the light is perfect.

I also saw a sign that said "Patio Seating". It was in the one spot on Route 6 where there are no buildings.

At Arnold's there was a line the length of the building. I have never been to Arnold's. Is that possible? I think it is one of the restaurants where you place your order at the counter and they come and find you at picnic tables when your food is ready. I am not a connoisseur of fried fish, but apparently this is the place to get it.

I am a connoisseur of onion rings, though, and can tell you who has the thin stringy ones and who has the panko crumb ones. If you need to know.

A house guest asked me once why there are so many fried seafood places on Cape Cod. I didn't know the answer then, but obviously there are so many because if there were fewer, the lines would wrap the entire way around the building.

There are also a lot of ice cream places on Cape Cod. But no one ever asks why there are so many of them.

Nauset Ice Cream is the place to go out this way, while Four Seas is reputed to be Completely All That in the Big City Region.

The nice thing about Four Seas is that when you say you're going to Four Seas it sounds like you're saying 4 C's, or Cape Cod Community College. So you sound like you're taking some extra classes, instead of bulking up for the winter.

Today Studley got his hair cut. Now he is even Studlier. On our way into the salon, a little voice said "hello!" from above. We looked up and there on a stair landing next door was a little girl in a white dress with the biggest smile known to humankind. She was taking care of her baby sister, who chatted away at us. They were still out there after the haircut, blowing bubbles.

Happy. Happy. Happy.


Love Monkey said...

I read once that NE consumes the most ice cream per capita in the US. I don't know if that's true, but I know I do my share. I do notice that we have a lot of ice cream places - and when I vacation somewhere I'm like "where's the ice cream?" because there isn't a place on every corner.

I love fried fish. Or fried anything really - but the fish part takes some of the guilt away .

Susan said...

LM - I'm going to the fair next week for the fried veggies.