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Saturday, July 21, 2007


My niece discovered a large bucket of birdseed in my mother-in-law's diningroom. We were not feeding it to her. We've stopped putting seed in the bird feeders because our cat is able to jump straight up and snag a bird right off the feeder. We've come to see the birdseed not as food but as bait.

By the time my niece found the bucket it had been commandeered by a large number of bugs and was promptly removed to the driveway. Every time I walked by it, a squirrel would jump out of the bucket and scurry up a tree. As the day wore on, the squirrel jumped a little slower and looked more and more like it might need a nap. Finally, there was no squirrel. The buffet was still loaded, but all the patrons were suffering from overindulgence. I could imagine tree limbs swaying and cracking overhead, taxed to breaking under the girth of birdseed stuffed squirrels.

Meanwhile, back at the Towers....

I got a catalog from Oriental Trading Company in today's mail. Remembering that I used to love doing such things, I told Lucy to get a pen and circle all the things she liked. She will, after all, have a birthday party within the next calender year and we will eventually be in the market for party favors.

There are about a dozen items she didn't circle. She will have 23 pinatas at her party. She will have enough stickers to wallpaper the entire house. There are not enough trees in the entire neighborhood to string the banners and streamers on.

I told her I'd think about it.

I'll think about it after I've completed my to-do list for the weekend. We have friends coming on Monday and although they've know us too long to fall for the "wow, they have such a great life" routine (in which we make our home and our lives picture-perfect for the extent of their visit), we do want things to be nice. You know, clean. So I've put together a list of things I'd like to get done.

Make a new curtain for the bathroom.
Paint the livingroom.
Find the guestroom and remove all items which are using it as a storage unit.
Replace all items in pantry with undusty and organic versions of current items.
Buy new towels and embroider Trout Towers crest, by hand.
Design Trout Towers crest.
Give the chickens a bath.
Place farmers' market vegetables in garden for harvest.
Clean children's room.
Clean children.
Rework Apalachian Junkyard motif in driveway with lobster traps and buoys.

Like the squirrel and Lucy, I think I'm out of my depth. I think I will save this list for my next guests and prepare for these guests by not eating straight out of the sorbet container. They'll probably appreciate that more than all of the above.

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