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Friday, July 6, 2007

petanque is for sissies with no fashion sense

I'm a little peeved.

The front page (of the arts and entertainment section and therefore The Front Page) of my local paper has the headline "Petanque, anyone?"
"Twenty milion Frenchmen can't be wrong. That's how many people play petanque in France, according to Harwich's Francois Marin. He's slowly but surely introducing the sport, a French variation of bocce, on Cape Cod."
This, when I have just gotten inextricably involved in croquet? I am somehow missing the boat of lawn sport? Okay, whatever. Our t-shirts are cooler.


It absolutely does not count as a lawn sport.


You see my point, I am sure.

I revisited the site of my croquet clinic today. There was no croquet and I had my children with me and so am a little dizzy from the 37 rides on the carousel. It is nearly 100 years old and apparently holding up better than I am.

From there we, again, went to tea at Dunbar. Lucy asked for apple juice and they brought it in a little pitcher so she could pour it in her teacup. She was in heaven. She had tea sandwiches and apple juice and was speechless.

Isn't it sweet how something simple and dainty like pouring your own drink from your own pot and eating tiny little lunches can make a child's day?

Oh, wait.

Yes, I love playing with my food. I love having my own pot of tea. I love the tiered tea service. I love recreating Devil's Tower on my scone with Devon cream.

There was a woman I recognized from the carousel, having tea by herself. I thought about inviting her to join us and then thought I am here with my mother and two small children, no one in their right mind will join us. I also noticed that she was enjoying herself.

Because eating alone is lovely. It is you and the food and the enjoyment of eating. I hope I always remember this.

I think she may also have ridden the carousel alone. While it sounds sort of lonely as I type it, I don't think it was lonely for her. Why, after all, do we need other people to validate what we are enjoying?

I am (or was, when such things were possible) a big fan of going out for coffee with a good book. I read The Second Sex, in its entirety, at The Daily Grind in Vail. I also used to carry a journal with me, so I would look busy. I was actually just enjoying my surroundings and whatever I was eating/drinking/watching.

These days I always have company, and I love love love that company beyond all reason. I love experiencing tea for the first time all over again, just by watching Lucy's face.

But it's also nice to have the bowl of Devon cream all to oneself.

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