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Monday, July 23, 2007

posh accomodations

Guests are here! Chris told them it was like an eastern bloc country getting ready for a visit from western diplomats. In other words, he gave us up. He absolutely cannot be trusted with state secrets.

I decided to have dinner in the driveway, next to the woodstove. We have a bunch of chairs and a little table, and I figured the kids could spill food on the ground instead of the floor. They did. They spilled all of it. And then they ran in circles around the yard while we ate the scraps.

It's okay because I bought enough food to provide 6 meals a day. Plus we had the first cucumber from the garden. A real cucumber from the garden, not one of the decoys I placed from the farmer's market.

I haven't sorted my spices yet, but am handy with Photoshop and created a trompe l'oeil cupboard cover which features attractively arranged pantry items, including spices. I'm working on one for the bathroom next, followed by the rest of my house.

Stay tuned.


hazelblackberry said...

You ate the scraps...but not the ones from the ground? Say it isn't so!

Susan said...

Hazelblackberry, we are strictly Table Scrap People.
We try not to eat the scraps from the ground as that would be taking food from the beaks of chickens. I'm not a farmer, but I know that chickens have sharp beaks and I don't want to mess with them.