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Monday, July 2, 2007

what next, indeed

A few days ago I heard a train.

This morning I heard Chris's phone ring while I was out in his car. I thought I'd take it in to him, so I dug around looking for it. It made another little bleeping sound but not enough for me to pinpoint where it was. So I called it. I couldn't hear it ringing, but when I hung up it made the little "someone just hung up on you" sound.

Very frustrating.

So I went inside and told Chris what happened and did he have a secret compartment he kept the phone in? He looked at me in that way which suggests I have two heads, and pulled his phone out of his pocket.

Apparently the reporter on our local NPR station forgot to turn off his cell phone.


Fred said...

I heard that, too! But it didn't sound at all like my cell phone ring, and I was very, very confused at first. For a split-second, I thought maybe the squirrels under the roof had found one somewhere and brought it into the house for some reason!

Susan said...

Oh Fred, once again you come through when I think I am losing my mind. I suppose I could have just called around to see if anyone else heard it. But it was more fun this way.